News Updates

08 December, 2018 - 31 December, 2018
  • Afghanistan’s presidential elections delayed until July (Washington Post 30.12.2018)
  • Taliban dismisses Afghanistan's peace talk offer
    Taliban refuses to hold formal talks with the 'Western-backed' Afghan government next month in Saudi Arabia. (Aljazeera- 31.12.2018)
  • More Than 40 Dead After Attack at Government Compound In Afghanistan
    Ministry spokesman Wahid Majro says 40 other people were killed and 29 were wounded. Most of the dead were government employees. No militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Flames rise from a government building following a suicide bombing and attack by gunmen on Monday in Afghanistan's capital.
    The attack took place in a heavily populated area of Kabul, the U.N. Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan said in a statement released Tuesday.
    "These attacks cause untold human suffering to Afghan families," said Tadamichi Yamamoto, who also serves as head of the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. "The United Nations unequivocally condemns them, as there is no justification whatsoever for such attacks." ( NPR- 25 Dec, 2018)
  • Chinese consulate attack mastermind Aslam Achu killed in Afghanistan. (Dunya News 25.12.2018)
  • To Curb Taliban, Afghan President Replaces Security Chiefs
    KABUL, Afghanistan — At a critical stage of Afghanistan’s long war, President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday appointed two staunch anti-Taliban veterans to head the country’s army and police forces, a major shake-up of the security leadership. Mr. Ghani chose Assadullah Khalid as the minister of defense and Amrullah Saleh as the minister of interior. Both men, close allies of the United States military, are former spy chiefs who have been vocal critics of Mr. Ghani’s politics and what they have described as his government’s mismanagement of the war. (New York Times- 23.12.2018)
  • America’s Allies Fear That Traditional Ties No Longer Matter Under Trump
    America’s allies in Europe and Asia thought they had learned to digest and compensate for the instinctive unpredictability of President Trump. But the bitter resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the abrupt announcement of plans to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan are being viewed as watershed moments for Washington’s relations with the world. Many countries were already trying to recalibrate their relations with Mr. Trump, who views traditional allies as competitors. From South Korea to Japan, France to Germany and other countries in the NATO alliance, senior officials have been talking aloud about how to do more on their own and ways to be less reliant on a Washington focused on “America First.” (New York Times- 21. 12.2018)
  • US General: 'No Orders' on Troop Reduction in Afghanistan. (VOA: 23.12.2018)