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Inside India’s Digital Hate Space

Author: Laraib Farhat (Asst. Research Officer)
Published: May, 2022

Application of Non-Refoulement in the Context of International Law

Author: Zunaira Inam Khan (Research Analyst)
Published: April, 2022

Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations

Author: Amna Ejaz Rafi (Research Associate, IPRI)
Published: March, 2022

Yemen War and its Impacts on Pak-Iran Bilateral Relations: A Way Forward

Author: Fraz Naqvi (Asst. Research Officer)
Published: February, 2022

Iran Vs US: A Comparative Analysis of Post-Election Scenario

Author: Amna Nisar Abbasi (Research Officer)
Published: January, 2022

Prospects of Middle Eastern Quad and its Implications for Pakistan

Author: Fraz Naqvi (Asst. Research Officer)
Published: December, 2021

India’s inroads into the Middle East: Implications for Pakistan

Author: Laraib Farhat (Asst. Research Officer)
Published: November, 2021

Rise of Hindutva as a Creed: It’s Impact on India’s Politics and Society

Author: Amna Ejaz Rafi & Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri ()
Published: October, 2021

Sino-Indian Competition in the Maldives: Implications for Regional Security

Author: Fatima Shabbir (Intern at IRS)
Published: July, 2021

Can India and Pakistan Overcome the Past?

Author: Humera Iqbal (Research Analyst)
Published: June, 2021

The US Security Leadership in Asia-Pacific and China’s Countermeasures

Author: Muhammad Abubaker (Intern at IRS)
Published: May, 2021

Farmers’ Protests in India: Has the Government Weathered the Storm

Author: Aarish U Khan (Research Analyst/ Editor)
Published: April, 2021

India, the Changing Security Environment, and the Regional Stability: An Explainer

Author: Syed Imran Sardar (Research Analyst)
Published: March, 2021

BAT and the BRI: A dive into China’s Digital Economy

Author: Laraib Farhat (Asst. Research Officer)
Published: February, 2021

Canada-US Relations: A Case Study of Trump Era

Author: Maham Khan (MPhil student at Quaid-i-Azam University)
Published: January, 2021

A study published periodically on a particular issue in one of the regional countries.