News Updates

June, 2019
  • Bangladesh, beneficiary of US-China trade war: The US is the second largest export market of Dhaka, while China is the top import partner. Amid aggravated trade tensions between United States and China, American retailers are moving towards Dhaka’s market to offset increasing tariff on goods manufactured in China. After China’s tariff on soybeans to US, its exports to China has declined by 97 percent. Thus, Dhaka can be benefited by enhancing imports from the US particularly soybean. Dhaka has a chance to further this opportunity by providing enabling conditions for foreign investors. (The Diplomat, June 2019)
  • Bangladeshi diplomat in the US charged with labor trafficking and assault Mohammed Shaheldul brought another Bangladeshi between 2012-2013 for household work for Islam and his family. Whenever Amin sought to leave, was beaten and threatened to harm his mother and young son in Bangladesh. After indictment has limited diplomatic immunity, if convicted, will face up to 15 years in prison. (The Indian Express, June 13, 2019)