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Welcome to the library of the Institute of Regional Studies!

The IRS library was set up in March 1982, at the same time as the Institute. It is renown for its specialization on the region under IRS purview, i.e., South Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, China and the five Central Asian Republics: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In addition, research material is available on big states’ relations and interests in the region, i.e., Russia and USA. Thus, documents are available on Transfer of Power 1942-47, SIPRI Year Books, India Year Books, Statesman Year Books, Adelphi Papers, Jinnah Papers, Keesing's Record of World Events, India Who’s Who, among others.

Originally the library had an annex for documents that comprised extensive folders with original clippings from the regional press, chronologically arranged by subject. With the advent of the internet much of that resource material became obsolete. However, the old documents, carefully gleaned from the press, are retained pending their ready access to IRS. Recent material is now to be found in the library’s location at Institute’s webpage under “resources” (see below). In 2018 IRS up-graded its library, sifted out redundant material for donation to needy libraries, especially in the provinces, and added numerous new books, journals and magazines of current interest for persons in all age groups who are interested in our region.

Guidance: My staff and I are available at the library at all times during the Institute’s working hours. We are tasked with helping you locate material in our library, at our website, and with setting up meetings and mentoring sessions with IRS research staff, including the President, for research in your area of investigation. We are happy to assist you in every way possible.

The IRS library is open to all and requires no membership. Photocopy and internet facilities are also available at minimal cost.

Manzoor Hussain