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Since its inception in 1982 as an autonomous think tank, IRS slogan is “know thy neighbor”. It has provided quality in-depth research and critical analysis of political, economic and social events in the region.

Over the years the role of IRS, its archives and publications have been widely acknowledged. In the momentous times of today, the role of think-tanks is gaining significance. To deal with modern day challenges, it is imperative that IRS should adopt a proactive, inclusive and a progressive approach.

As President my top priorities will be to provide policy inputs to relevant stakeholders on key issues. While focusing on both micro and macro challenges facing the region, IRS will be widening its research to include ethnicity, education, demography, cyber security and climate change. Focus will be to make IRS publications more impactful, facilitate scholars research programs and activate a non-resident scholar program. Thrust will be to increase the national and international linkages of the institute.

Henceforth, IRS will be conducting research methodology courses to facilitate new researchers. A new internship program has been launched. The institute is in the process of digitalizing its archives and expanding existing library facilities. I am convinced that these steps will further enhance the prestige and efficacy of the institution.

I believe in equality, honesty, transparency and team work and keenly look forward to working with the strong, skilled IRS team for positive results.

Ambassador Nadeem Riyaz
Institute of Regional Studies